Never Been There
Rainbows Avenue
Lick It
Track 1
I Don't Lie


La Dérivée

The 2024-07-27


1er Août à La Plage

The 2024-08-01


Latetooth Festival

The 2024-08-17


Le Song Du Bourg

The 2024-09-07


1chUrgence Disk2024-07-01Genève
2chRock Am Wind2024-06-28Vallée de Joux
3chFête de la musique2024-06-22Yverdon
4chLa Bille2024-06-21La Sarraz
5chLes Jumeaux2024-06-17Lausanne
6chPrivate Show2024-06-07
9chBleu Lézard2024-02-02Lausanne
10chBar King2024-01-27Neuchâtel
11chBleu Lézard2023-10-26Lausanne
12chMad Mountain Festival2023-09-09Sainte-Croix
13chMaraCas Festival2023-08-26Le Chaux
14chErsatz Festival2023-08-25Saint-Blaise
15chLes Combières2023-08-12Le Pont
16chLa Dérivée2023-08-05Yverdon
20luHariko Beach2023-07-01Esch-sur-Alzette
22chFête de la musique2023-06-21Yverdon
24chBCV Concert Hall2023-02-22Lausanne
26chRR Music Festival2022-11-19Lausanne
30chBleu Lézard2022-07-30Lausanne
32chBase Bar2022-06-30Lausanne
33chFête de la musique2022-06-21Lausanne
37chRock the Pistes2022-03-17morgins
39chRock In Mathod2021-11-13Mathod
41chCitrons Masqués2021-09-17Yverdon


Licking Rainbows - Outside
Licking Rainbows - Track 1
Licking Rainbows - Garage Dream
Licking Rainbows - .purb
Licking Rainbows - burp.
Licking Rainbows - I Don't Lie


Photo du groupe

Licking Rainbows presents wild, energetic, and subtle rock by blending fierce riffs and ethereal vocal harmonies. After playing together for about ten years and spending their weekends jamming and listening to records, Livio (Bass/Vocals), Kilian (Guitar/Backing Vocals), and Tim (Drums/Backing Vocals) decided in May 2020 to form Licking Rainbows. They spent the first few months locked in their rehearsal space, writing their first songs, and found themselves in the studio three months later recording their debut EP 'burp.', which was released in April 2021 with the single 'I Don’t Lie'. It's a mix of their inspirations, with Psychedelic Garage-Rock tunes tinted with Punk and Brit-Rock. The band then made their first live appearances in the course of 2021. During this time, they continued to rehearse intensely and write new songs, including '.purb', released in January 2022 as a response to the first EP, bringing the work to a conclusion. In April 2022, Licking Rainbows had a residency at Amalgame to prepare a new live set. There, they found a new way to approach the stage and present their music to the audience. Although their rehearsal space and the studio are their playground and creative space, it's truly on stage that Licking Rainbows feels at home. During the summer, the band played in various venues and festivals (SAS, La Makhno, Bleu Lézard, MoonAlps, Panora’Malt, etc.). That summer, they returned to the studio to record a new album. The style and sound of Licking Rainbows began to define itself. They tried to break free from their roots to explore new horizons. The group ended the year 2022 with a few concerts and an album in production. In 2023, Licking Rainbows embarked on its first Summer Tour (Parabôle Festival, Rock’R’Sauvage, Ersatz Festival, etc.) and performed its first concerts abroad in France and Luxembourg. It was during this tour that Licking Rainbows proved itself on stage with a wild show that brought the audience along for a ride. In September of the same year, 'Rainbows Avenue,' the band's 2nd EP, was released, featuring the singles 'Track 1' and 'Lick It.' These more ambitious tracks showcased the evolution of Licking Rainbows. The sounds were more saturated, and the band was moving toward a new sound that took them beyond Garage Rock. The EP was well-received, with some radio play. Licking Rainbows is already working on a new album, and concerts are planned for the future.

Membre 1
Livio Arcuri

Born in 1997, Livio was born and raised in Yverdon-les-Bains. He had his first experiences with music there. Surrounded by music-loving parents, music was often present in the home. He learned the basics of guitar from his father and received his first guitar at the age of 10. Two years later, Livio began taking classical guitar lessons and quickly developed a habit of playing every day at home. Later, at the age of 13-14, after forming a group of musician friends, he joined his first band as a bassist. While continuing to take classical guitar lessons, Livio played electric guitar and bass on the side with his friends. With this group, he had his first experiences with the stage and the studio. It became clear when he entered high school that he wanted to make music his life. In addition to his band, he spent every weekend playing with friends. During his adolescence, Livio's passion for music, particularly rock, grew. His style and musical tastes developed. When his first band disbanded, he began his studies at a music school and spent a great deal of time in Lausanne. It was during this time that he decided to form Licking Rainbows with two close friends. With this project, he allowed his creativity to take center stage. He started writing more and more songs and took on the role of lead vocalist. With this lineup, his songwriting and playing also evolved. Devoting himself exclusively to music for several years now, Livio's style has refined, and he has become more and more comfortable on stage. While he devotes a lot of time to Licking Rainbows, he also plays with other bands, continuing to develop and expand his musical curiosity.

Membre 2
Kilian Zompa

Kilian was born in 1996 in Yverdon-les-Bains. He was exposed to music from a young age thanks to his parents, who introduced him to many artists, including hard rock and blues from the Italian scene. He discovered his passion when he first encountered the guitar at the age of 9. From that moment, he began taking lessons, starting with classical guitar and later transitioning to electric. At the age of 16, he joined his first band with three other musician friends. It was his first experience with the stage and the studio. In parallel, he spent his weekends jamming with other musicians in the rehearsal space. This allowed him to focus more on rock music and refine his guitar playing. Playing his music in front of an audience made it clear to him that this is what he wanted to do with his life. It was a major turning point for him. When his first band disbanded, he found himself without a group for a while, which allowed him to explore other styles that he immediately appreciated. He joined a pop/funk-oriented band composed of professional musicians. With them, he experimented with new sounds, blending blues, funk, and ambient elements. He continued to perform on stage and recorded an album with them. However, one desire remained in his mind: to form the rock band he had always dreamed of. That's when he decided to leave that formation and create Licking Rainbows with two close friends. This new group allowed him to collaborate with friends who shared the same tastes and ideas, enriching his musical knowledge and fueling his desire to move forward.

Membre 3
Timothée Poggi

Timothée Poggi, born in 1998, is a drummer and musician from Orbe, Switzerland. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in rhythm, singing, and music in general. For 12 years, he pursued intensive tennis and American football. At the age of 13, with the support of his parents, he started private drum lessons in Orbe. Later, he joined the Conservatory of Music in Yverdon-les-Bains, where he studied for 10 years. After that period, Timothée realized he wanted to make music his profession. He enrolled in a pre-professional music school in Geneva. After spending three years in Geneva, he spent two years in Berlin, Germany, attending a music university. This international experience allowed him to broaden his musical horizons and explore new styles and techniques. His time in Berlin played a crucial role in his development as a musician and contributed to his artistic maturity. Currently, Timothée is studying at the Haute école de Musique in Lausanne, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Pop music. Alongside his studies, Timothée has always played in musical groups, ranging from Metal and Rock to Funk and other styles, allowing him to refine his studio and stage skills. When he was young, he met Kilian and Livio, who quickly became his best friends and with whom he played every weekend in their rehearsal space. In 2020, Livio naturally offered him the position behind the drums for his new band, Licking Rainbows. Being very close-knit, the three friends easily composed together, each contributing their own ideas to Licking Rainbows' music.

Hadrien Richard

As a manager, Hadrien provides administrative and logistical support to the band. He assists Licking Rainbows with daily tasks, from managing schedules to coordinating travel arrangements.

Lucie Herter

Every band needs a visual identity, and Lucie brings that vision to life as a graphic artistic director. Her creativity and attention to detail turn every poster, album cover, and illustration into a work of art in its own right.

Thibault Besuchet

The unique sound of Licking Rainbows is partly due to Thibault's magical touch. As a music artistic director, he refines and enriches the music to ensure it resonates perfectly.

Romain Chautems

In an era dominated by visuals, Romain's ability to capture the essence of the band through video is invaluable. As a video director and editor, he translates Licking Rainbows' music into captivating visuals.